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  Public Ticket #2968078
Drile theme filter issue


  • Rosen Kostadinov started the conversation


    Please advice me!

    Why Does it problem appear in the filters, as the number of items looks awful. And how can I get rid of that at all. I don't want customers to see how many items there are in the category and in the filters. Please check!

    How can drop-down menu filters appear in the mobile version, I also want to ask?


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  • Rosen Kostadinov replied

    Any updates?

    What is the reason for this problem and when will it be available new update on Drile theme according to new WordPress updates 🤔 

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    Stormit replied

    Hi Rosen,

    If you want to keep item count, you can add the custom CSS below to fix its style

    .widget_categories ul li .count, .widget_pages ul li .count, .widget_nav_menu .menu-menu-main-container ul li .count, .widget-container ul.product-categories li .count, .widget-container.widget_categories ul li .count, .widget_layered_nav ul li .count, .widget-container.product-filter-by-brand ul li .count, .widget-container.product-filter-by-material ul li .count, .widget-container.product-filter-by-color ul li .count{
        width: 30px;

    If you want to remove it, you just go to Appearance > Widgets. You uncheck the Show post count option in the TS - Product Filter By Brand widget. Please see my screenshot.

    The Filter Products by Attribute widget of WooCommerce does not have option which allows you to remove post count. So, you need to add custom css below

    .widget_layered_nav ul li .count{
        display: none;

    About your second question: How can drop-down menu filters appear in the mobile version, I also want to ask? I'm sorry, I don't understand. Could you please explain more about it?

    Best regards,

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